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Homemade Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter : A Cookalong Podcast Quick Bite

This peanut butter treat is creamy and salty with a little sweetness, a little cinnamon, and teeny, tiny crunchy bits.

Healthy Coconut Date Bars

Sweet, rich, and chewy, despite being "healthy", these bars are good snacks and excellent for breakfast!

Migas–Comfort Food in 10 Minutes or Less : A Cookalong Podcast Quick Bite

This is a meal for any time of day that will make your mouth so happy and be ready to eat in just a few minutes....

Mini Chocoflanes : A Rich, Romantic Indulgence

"Impossible Cake"--Rich chocolate cake, creamy vanilla flan, and warm caramel sauce in a slightly exotic, magical dessert that inverts itself as it bakes.

Ricotta, by YOU : A Cookalong Podcast Quick Bite

Become a cheesemaker! This fast, no-fuss ricotta recipe will make better cannoli!

Vanilla Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour (Alchohol Optional) : A Cookalong Podcast Quick Bite

Wow! Many amazing flavors surprisingly combined in one drink, and they work together like a miracle. Alcohol optional! This might be the best cocktail I've ever...

My Rice Cooker–A Change of Heart + Recipe! : A Cookalong Podcast Quick Bite

My rice cooker goes from foolish to fabulous, and here's an EASY coconut rice recipe.

Homemade Pizza in Less than an Hour : A Cookalong Podcast Quick Bite

Crave pizza at 5:PM, eat a homemade one before 6:PM. Easy, fast, fun, and tasty!