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Baked Potatoes 101, & Variations on the Theme

Posted in Food, New Methods
on February 24, 2021

Oh, the simple pleasure of one of the world’s best comfort foods: a hot baked potato with melting butter, sour cream, and chives. (more...)

Perfect Homemade Popcorn: The Quest

Posted in Food, New Methods
on May 7, 2020

I’ve spent the last few weeks on a quest for perfect homemade popcorn. I know that’s ridiculous, but as justification, let me just (more...)

Meal Planning?! Who Really Does That??

Posted in Fixes & Tips, New Methods
on March 2, 2020

Well, starting a couple of months ago, I do. Planning meals a week in advance sounds like a tedious chore that will result (more...)

How Do I Get That Stuff Off the Bottom of My Favorite Pan??

Posted in Fixes & Tips, New Methods
on February 19, 2020

As my son was preparing to move out on his own, I of course reminded him that lots of his favorite recipes were (more...)

Perfectly-Cooked Steak Every Time

Posted in Food, New Methods
on January 26, 2019

Here is perfection, short and simple. For all good-quality cuts* EXCEPT RIB EYE: Buy “Choice” or "Prime" (Never “Select”). Get them between 1’ (more...)

Perfectly-Cooked Steak Part 2—From Frozen!

Posted in Food, New Methods
on January 25, 2019

Last night, I pulled a 3-inch-thick three pound bone-in ribeye steak from my freezer, cooked it to medium-rare perfection without defrosting it first, (more...)

Measuring Flour–The Right Way

Posted in Fixes & Tips, New Methods
on January 16, 2019

It seems like such a simple thing. Scoop the flour into a measuring cup and dump it into your baking bowl. Here’s the (more...)

How to Know What Tastes Good With What/Cooking by Smell

Posted in Fixes & Tips, Food, New Methods
on November 28, 2018

A couple of days ago, a young lady about eight years old showed me a spice jar and asked me how I know (more...)