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What is a Cookalong Podcast recipe?
Food that’s easy to make with flavor you want to brag about.

These podcasts are recipes cooked in real time, so you can cook with me!  It’s more fun than reading a recipe, and I’ll give you tips that will enhance your cooking skills as we go through the steps.

With each podcast on the site, you'll find a list of tools and ingredients, so you'll know before you start whether or not you already have everything you need in the house.  (Trust me, though—there are recipes here that are worth a trip to the store for the ingredients!)

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Some of My Latest Dishes

Chinese Five-Spice Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Fun and different. If you like licorice, these are definitely for you! They're especially good if you also like ginger and cinnamon.

 All Recipes, Cookies, and Desserts

Homemade Hummus!

Creamy, garlicky, salty, earthy, smooth dip or spread. It's SO easy to make, SO tasty, and SO good for you!

 All Recipes and Appetizers & Snacks

Persian Cucumber Salad with Dill & Lemon

This lovely, light, bright and easy salad comes together in about 10 minutes and goes with everything.

 All Recipes and Side Dishes

Oven Roasted Chicken Schwarama

This is wonderful on its own or over rice, especially as part of an easy-to-make full meal.

 All Recipes and Main Dishes

Salmon Patties with Guest Chefs Horatio & North : A Plateful of Fun!

Whether as a snack, a side dish, or the star of the show, these patties are easy to make, fun to eat, and very tasty!

 All Recipes, Appetizers & Snacks, and Main Dishes

Condensed Milk Rice Pudding : Sweet & Creamy–with Raisins!

This perfectly sweet, thick, rich, and creamy rice pudding is all done on the stovetop.

 All Recipes, Desserts, and Miscellaneous

Blogs for the Home Cook

Handy Cooking Oil Smoke-Point Chart

Posted in Fixes & Tips, Food
on March 29, 2022

These days, I find myself choosing my cooking oil not only by flavor profile, but also by smoke point. The smoke point is, of course, the temperature at which an...

Baked Potatoes 101, & Variations on the Theme

Posted in Food, New Methods
on February 24, 2021

Oh, the simple pleasure of one of the world’s best comfort foods: a hot baked potato with melting butter, sour cream, and chives. I have a tip that can put...

Treat Your Valentine!

Posted in Food
on February 13, 2021

Snow and ice has brought my city to a stand-still, and YIKES! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and there won’t be any last-minute trips to the store for cards, flowers, or...

Perfect Homemade Popcorn: The Quest

Posted in Food, New Methods
on May 7, 2020

I’ve spent the last few weeks on a quest for perfect homemade popcorn. I know that’s ridiculous, but as justification, let me just say that I’m writing this during COVID-19...

The Hidden Ingredients in Every Recipe, Part 3

Posted in Announcements, Fixes & Tips
on April 11, 2020

Hidden ingredients numbers 1 and 2: Tools and Temperature. What’s your guess for hidden ingredient number 3? It's TIME. Here’s the hidden time instruction I hate: “Chill your cookie dough...

The Hidden Ingredients in Every Recipe, Part 2 of 3

Posted in Announcements, Fixes & Tips
on April 10, 2020

We talked yesterday about the fact that the need for special tools is almost never called out at the beginning of a recipe. They’re hidden within the instructions. The second...

The Hidden Ingredients in Every Recipe, Part 1 of 3

Posted in Announcements, Fixes & Tips
on April 9, 2020

When you were first learning to cook, did anyone encourage you to read all the way through the recipe before you started the first step? They told you that because...