Your Cooking Companion


In my series of careers, I have served as Executive Director/Producer and Business Administrator for a number of arts organizations and spent 30+ years as a private voice instructor, acting coach, theatrical director and producer, award-winning vocal director, and stage and commercial actor in my own right.

I’ve released two albums of lullabies, published a book of acting tips, and spent time in advertising and publishing.

I’m a singer, entertainer, and short story writer ( I’m married to an elementary school teacher, and I'm the mother of three amazing young men.

If you’re truly curious, you can see more about many of those pieces of my life at

Throughout all of that, I’ve always been the cook for my family. I learned the basics from my mother, got more exotic ideas from mentors and friends, and really figured things out from years of working and experimenting in my kitchen. I’m a household cook, not a professional chef. (Wouldn’t want to be the latter—I prefer cooking on a whim and creating things on the fly.) I work at Penzey’s Spices (, where I get to talk with fellow cooks and cooks-to-be about how they use spices in their creations.

I still cook every day, and I’m more excited by it all the time. I now think about cooking from the time I wake up to the time I finish eating the last part of the last meal of the day. I obsessively read recipes and watch cooking videos. I search out the answers to why certain things are better, and what makes them work. I love trying to figure out by taste what a restaurant has used to make something wonderful. So cooking, learning, and sharing both appears to be my current career path. Thank you for joining me here.

It's fun to watch YouTube videos of food being prepared, especially when they're edited to show just a pair of hands moving quickly through the preparation steps. But you can't cook with them. I'm here so that you can hear what to do while you are watching what your own hands are doing. Pretend we're hanging out together in your kitchen, making yummy things.

New recipes and blogs with lots of fun and useful info are being added all the time. Check back often for the newest ones.

One last bit of trivia: I’m the daughter of a professional magician, appearing magically at his command in big stage shows around the central states when I was young. And no, I won’t tell you how that’s done.