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Handy Cooking Oil Smoke-Point Chart

Posted in Fixes & Tips, Food
on March 29, 2022

These days, I find myself choosing my cooking oil not only by flavor profile, but also by smoke point. The smoke point is, (more...)

Baked Potatoes 101, & Variations on the Theme

Posted in Food, New Methods
on February 24, 2021

Oh, the simple pleasure of one of the world’s best comfort foods: a hot baked potato with melting butter, sour cream, and chives. (more...)

Treat Your Valentine!

Posted in Food
on February 13, 2021

Snow and ice has brought my city to a stand-still, and YIKES! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and there won’t be any last-minute trips (more...)

Perfect Homemade Popcorn: The Quest

Posted in Food, New Methods
on May 7, 2020

I’ve spent the last few weeks on a quest for perfect homemade popcorn. I know that’s ridiculous, but as justification, let me just (more...)

Got Milk(s)? Here’s My Nutritional Comparison Chart

Posted in Food
on September 6, 2019

I've been a cow's milk fan my whole life, drinking it with all three meals a day as a kid and into adulthood. (more...)

Will My Fruit Ripen On My Counter?

Posted in Food
on April 26, 2019

I often find myself scanning bins of unripe fruits, wondering whether it makes sense to buy it anyway and give it time to (more...)

Choosing the Best Melon in Two Easy Steps! (Watermelon/Cantaloupe/Honeydew)

Posted in Food
on April 22, 2019

Don’t think you can pick a good melon? Remember these 2 easy “tells” about whether the melon type of your choice is ripe. (more...)

Strategic Eating: The Right Food at the Right Time

Posted in Fixes & Tips, Food
on April 20, 2019

You may have heard people say that warm milk can help you sleep. You've probably experienced the difficulty of staying alert after having (more...)