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Artichokes 101

Posted in Food
on April 16, 2019

A ripe, nicely-cooked artichoke is one of my favorite treats. My kids, now grown, loved them even as children. My father-in-law told all (more...)

So What Does “Extra Virgin” MEAN? And What Should I Do About It?

Posted in Food
on April 9, 2019

A bottle of “really good” extra-virgin olive oil is a badge of honor in the kitchen. Once you reach the milestone of having (more...)

Natural or Dutch-Process? Which Cocoa Powder to Use??

Posted in Food
on April 2, 2019

No, they’re not the same. What if your recipe doesn't specify what kind to use? Different chemical properties means they really are not (more...)

Spring Is Coming! Time to Take Charge of Your Herbs!

Posted in Food
on March 7, 2019

Sure, you can use dried herbs. They’re there all year ‘round. And you know what you’re getting. But... I feel a cheap thrill (more...)

Imitation Vanilla: Surprise!

Posted in Food
on February 11, 2019

Many of us highbrow snobby cooks will only use real vanilla extract. We wouldn’t sully our cooking or our reputations by using the (more...)

Perfectly-Cooked Steak Every Time

Posted in Food, New Methods
on January 26, 2019

Here is perfection, short and simple. For all good-quality cuts* EXCEPT RIB EYE: Buy “Choice” or "Prime" (Never “Select”). Get them between 1’ (more...)

Perfectly-Cooked Steak Part 2—From Frozen!

Posted in Food, New Methods
on January 25, 2019

Last night, I pulled a 3-inch-thick three pound bone-in ribeye steak from my freezer, cooked it to medium-rare perfection without defrosting it first, (more...)

Kosher, Table, or Sea?

Posted in Food
on January 22, 2019

Salt: A basic mineral component of land, sea, and cooking. What else is there to know? I get asked so often about the (more...)