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A Story About a Steak

The story about how I made the best steak I've ever cooked.

Moussaka–with Guest Chef Pat

Rich and satisfying traditional Greek layered casserole made with sliced eggplant, potatoes, homemade Greek tomato and lamb sauce, and bechamel.

White Chicken Lasagna

The height of comfort food--pasta, chicken, lots of cheese, spinach, and a delicately-spiced, creamy sauce.

Cheesy Butternut Squash & Rice Casserole

Warm, yummy, and comforting, with a hint of spiciness and the sweetness of the squash. Oh, and did I mention the cheese?

Cindy’s Most Excellent Grilled Cheese

Crispy, buttery, melty, drippy, cheesy. Here are my tips for an above and beyond grilled cheese sandwich.

Cindy’s Chicken Pot Pie

Warm, creamy, cozy eating any time, but especially great on cold nights. Classic comfort food you can easily make from scratch.

Greek Nachos

Still nachos, but with Greek flavors of kalamata olives and feta cheese.

Pasta with Fried Garlic & Toasted Nuts (“Pistachio Pasta”)

Fabulous easy pasta dish, with toasty nuts and plenty of crunchy garlic and parmesan cheese. An unusual dish for company, and great for any day of...